Brian Hackett

Brian Hackett was reared in the small town of Vienna, West Virginia, which is situated in a region of the country not highly regarded for its educational standards and creative expression through the arts.  But, within this traditional culture of implicit expectations that hard work and true grit defines a person, Brian's creativity, love of nature, and thirst for discovery were fostered by his family and community.  He satisfied his early creative and "hands on" desires with a myriad of activities that ranged from building a tree house thirty-feet into a tree to taking apart a perfectly sound bicycle simply to see how it was built and how it worked.

He became enamored with art and design as a youngster, and it all started with a standard #2 pencil.  He felt the need to recreate and translate onto paper the beauty of life that was emblazoned in his mind's eye and exhibit this genuine image to the entire world so that they could revel in it as he did.  Much like Da Vinci, Brian used his uncontrollable desire for advanced learning and knowledge to become a modern-day Renaissance man.

He attended West Virginia University and majored in graphic design.  Throughout his life, he has been able to produce realistic art such as portraits and real-life drawings with both charcoal and that standard #2 pencil.

While art and design are his forte, Brian has expressed his creativity and expanded his skill set in a variety of vocations.  He has worked in the construction industry building new homes and developing building products such as exterior columns and fiber cement mounting blocks, and as a luthier he built high-end electric guitars from scratch.  Fifteen years in the service industry as a bartender conditioned him to make customer service a top priority.

Brian is driven by an insatiable, creative itch and an aspiration to understand the key elements of life.  His creative path and inquisitiveness embodies who he is professionally and personally.  He strives to the best at all he undertakes in life, and he expresses fully the depths of his soul and the moral compass that guides him and his family.  As the father of three, he welcomes each day with an open invitation and anticipation of the new discoveries that the world can teach him and his children.

Brian clothes himself daily with the banner, "Today, I will become a better man," and he follows another Renaissance man from the 15th century,  Leon Battista Alberti's statement that "A man can do all things if he will."

Owner/Operations Manager

Chronicle Millworks

116 Ledford Drive

Gastonia, NC 28056